Preventing the spread of disease

November 20, 2019

Gemma Bailey

Gemma Bailey


Dr Lee Rogers


“Single use instruments have the best chance of preventing infection and cross contamination”

The risk of infection in podiatric procedures is high, and the consequences can be grave, from simply needing antibiotics to needing a limb amputated or, most worryingly, death. In this episode, Dr Lee Rogers, member of the American board of podiatric medicine, explains the importance of dumping reusable instruments and switching to single use ones instead. He also talks about the diabetic foot and the significance of using the correct monofilament tool for testing sensitivity, and describes how the wrong instrument could cause misdiagnosis, leading to unnecessary treatment for patients who don’t need it – and no treatment for those who do. Dr Rogers ends with advice if you want to treat yourself at home: be careful about the products you use on your feet!

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By Gemma Bailey

Director, Bailey Instruments

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